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DOMO® Fusion Grass

Imagine playing football on a natural turf pitch that doesn't turn into a bare mud field after one year of kicking and sliding. Until recently, it seemed that football clubs had to choose between either playing experience on natural turf pitches or durability on full artificial turf pitches. Today, hybrid turfs not only extend your football pitch’s life span, they also guarantee realistic and natural playing conditions.

In professional football, the debate about artificial turfs versus natural grass has been ongoing for more than a decade. Proponents of natural grass swear by its look, feel and playing comfort. Unfortunately, these traditional grounds are granted only a short life span. Natural grass turfs that are used more than 8 hours per week simply don’t make it until winter.

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Artificial grass makes your football pitch last longer, and increases the playing hours. Natural grass, on the other hand, gives the field its natural feel, look and playing comfort. It is therefore not surprising that the fusion of both qualities is the main reason why football clubs are opting for these systems. And there’s more ... DOMO® Fusion Grass also offers a wide range of features when it comes to installing your pitch.

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