Maintenance made simple

Standard maintenance procedures for DOMO® Fusion Grass, such as mowing, irrigating or fertilizing, are the same as with natural grass. Also other interventions like scarification and aeration pose no issue at all with our hybrid grass system. They are essential in stabilizing the turf for extended periods of time.


Standard installation Procedure

Our hybrid pitch system consists of an open backing with tufted grass yarns. As a result, the backing can be easily laid on a standard sand filled subsoil using the same equipment as with normal artificial grass pitch. If you opt for a standard installation procedure, your new hybrid grass pitch will be playable 2 to 3 months after sowing. Full installation takes about 2 weeks.

DOMO® Sports Grass also offers the possibility of installing mats or pre-nursed hybrid rolls. These will reduce the installation time to a matter of days.

Maintenance activities Natural grass Fusion Grass Artificial grass
Mowing ••••• •••••  
Verticulating •• ••  
Moss raking ••• •••  
Rolling ••    
Sweeping leaves •• •• ••••
Fertilising ••• •••  
Upkeep to goal areas, penalty zone, etc ••••
Spading and brushing •• ••  
Overseeding ••• •••  
Sandfilling ••    
Vertidraining •• ••
Weeding ••• •••
Watering •• ••
Deep cleaning maintenance     ••

Extended Range of Possibilities

DOMO® Fusion Grass

Artificial grass makes your football pitch last longer, and increases the playing hours. Natural grass, on the other hand, gives the field its natural look, feel and playing comfort. Combining the best of both worlds is the main reason for football clubs to opt for these hybrid reinforced grass systems. And there’s more ... DOMO® Fusion Grass even offers an extended range of features and possibilities when it comes to installing your hybrid pitch. 

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